From now on …

Although this site has been going for some years now, the posts have generally been about my relationship to and interest in art. It (the blog, not my interest in art) started when I first went to university, age 48, to study graphic design and media.  From now on, it will focus on my own art career.

Colour    ::    Line    ::   Pattern

These are the things that inspire me.  Pretty general I know, but I find fodder for my art practice from very diverse sources.  Architectural elements, decorative styles such as art nouveau, historical documents and natural history illustration, the natural (especially botanical) world, and often just the sheer pure joy of seeing a colour, and mixing and making new ones.

I am inspired by the constant overlapping of nature, science, music; the appearance of patterns in all these. And I find beauty in it.

I like to let the materials find their way, to replicate nature. Follow the accidental line; let it guide you. I paint intuitively, responding to experiences, visual stimuli and feelings.

 My journey

After graduating from university in 2014 (Bachelor of Arts – Media & Communication) with distinction, I realised very quickly that I was just at the beginning of learning about art.  So … I went back to study. Back to basics to a Diploma of Visual Arts. I really wanted to learn the skills of painting, printmaking, drawing; to learn about the materials and techniques involved in making art.  I had dabbled in watercolours on and off for over 20 years but never really had a huge desire to learn more.  I had enrolled in a few short courses over the years of raising my children, but having only ever had paid employment in office-type administrative work, the progression through a Certificate IV in Printing & Graphic Arts to the degree majoring in graphic design suited me at the time.

Fast forward through three years of part time office work and part time study, I have now participated in a few exhibitions and am relishing my time in the studio I share in The Nicholas Building in Melbourne.

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