About me

March 2018          The journey so far has taken me to a new career as an artist.  Painting is my current delight and I share a studio in the iconic artist hub, the Nicholas Building in Melbourne.  My paintings are for sale by contacting me directly at maryannestuart@gmail.com and some are available through Bluethumb, Australia’s largest online art store. I also have an Etsy store where I sell smaller works and cards.

I have been enrolled part time in what I think of as “trade school for artists” – a diploma of visual art.  I’ve studied and practiced painting, printmaking, drawing, life drawing, the inevitable and compulsory OH&S, as well as business and marketing skills to back up my new career as artist.  I’ve exhibited locally and overseas, and look forward to new challenges working with colleagues in an older women’s art group (late bloomers unite!).

August 2016         As it turns out, learning about and making visual art has occupied most of the last two years. I did graduate university, with Distinction, BA (Media & Communication), majoring in visual communication.


Since then, I’ve gone backwards (academically) a little, as I am now styuding part time for a Diploma of Visual Art. Really, I got to the point where I wanted badly to understand the nuts and bolts of making art. So I’ve taken classes in printmaking, painting, drawing and life drawing, and art business.  I am still an avid social media PRODUSER and keenly interested in the intersection of social media and art. To that end, I am making art (almost) every day and sharing it on my various social media pages, which you can access via About me

May 2014         I’m almost finished my uni degree, have two more subjects to go. Not sure whether I’m headed down an arty path or a writing path, maybe both. Anyway, the journey is still fun and I’m still inspired to make art.

June 2013         This blog exists because I was forced into it.  Mind you, I’m not unhappy about that.  As part of my third year university Design Practice unit, my aim is to continue to add images and links to things I find beautiful, inspiring, awesome, funny.

I’m a mature age student which as it turns out is quite a large subcategory. Always good to know you’re not alone when doing anything new and a little scary. Like going back to uni age 48. I’m here to make the most of an opportunity I am grateful to have now because I wasn’t ready for the one I was given earlier.

I’m surrounded by young adults at home and now at university. I have three young adult children, a husband and a cat and a home in Melbourne.

These are some of my interests :

  • England and an English aesthetic
  • Arts and Crafts era furniture, silver, fabric, wood, paper, leather, ceramic and pottery designs
  • William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dard Hunter, Gustav Stickley, Stickley Furniture,
  • Patterns – in design, in nature
  • Symmetry – it’s unavoidable and beautiful
  • Typography and hand lettering
  • Colour – on my clothes, my walls, in my garden.
  • Baking cakes
  • Local artists – Nellie Zimmerman, Tiffany Calder Kingston
  • Graphic designers, letterers and illustrators such as Seb Lester, Tom Lane aka Ginger Monkey, Tobias Hall, Jessica Hische
  • Drinking coffee – Thanks to 1950s Italian immigrants, Melbourne is well known for its coffee culture and we have lots of cafes. I don’t like milk and drink a double espresso, preferably with a creamy thick crema on top.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Maryann, Thank you for the note on my blog. I appreciate reading your story and find it inspiring as well! It’s nice to know there are fellow travelers. I wish you joy, hope and endless inspiration.

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