What is an Artist Residency?

First and foremost, it is an opportunity.  

There are different types of residencies available for artists (as well as writers and other types of artists, not just visual artists).  Broadly speaking, a residency is a chance to concentrate on your art away from the distractions of your everyday life in a supported environment for a specific time period.

The studio at the Gatekeeper’s Cottage

Some residencies are fee paying, some subsidised and some without any charge at all; in fact, there are some where the artist is granted a small stipend in addition to housing and a studio space in which to work. Some residencies are fulfilled in isolation, some in a community where the focus is on connecting artists and/or learning new skills. Local, international, government or privately funded, a residency can be a wonderful time of extending your practice whether it is in developing new directions or focusing on a particular project that needs some significant hours or taking classes to learn new skills.

Most residencies will have a fairly stringent and competitive application process and may take some time to achieve. It is advisable to do your homework about the residency you are planning to apply for.  Things to spend time thinking about before submitting an application can include:

  • what sort of arts the host tends to support
  • what sort of facilities will you need (work and personal)
  • who is providing the funding behind the residency
  • what other artists have taken the residency (can you ask them about it)
  • what is it you hope to gain from a residency
  • can you afford it (in $ and time away from home/work life)
  • will you need to apply for a grant to support yourself and the travel to and from the residency
  • are you prepared to wait/are you flexible in timing
  • research the location – no point applying for a residency in February in Finland if you simply cannot cope with cold weather!

The Police Point Artist in Residence opportunity is offered by the Mornington Peninsula Shire and facilitated by their Arts & Culture program. My thanks to Jane German and the team at Morn Pen Arts & Culture for their assistance.

Below are some of my works from my recent residency at the Gatekeeper’s Cottage at Police Point.

Further information on artist residencies can be found here:
Visual Arts Hub
Australia Council

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