Contemporary mixed media artist

The Banksia is my muse and has been my obsession and subject for the last few years. I have coined a phrase – Banksia imaginata – to describe the body of my artworks that are intuitively created and inspired by the unique structure, colours and patterns found in this Australian native plant species.

Working spontaneously, the process of creating an artwork is one of joy and absorption of attention for me and I want people who see my works to also realise the joy I feel about the beauty of the natural world.

If there is one thing I’m trying to communicate, it’s that.

There is a constant overlapping of art, nature, science, music; I see patterns in all of these. Nature seems random and chaotic but there is a plan; it just takes a while to find it. I like to let the materials find their way, to replicate nature.

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2023 calendar

The Feel Good Art Show, Quadrant Gallery, Hawthorn (finalist)
Bendigo Art Show, Bendigo Town Hall, Bendigo
The Incognito Art Show, Sydney
Victorian Artists’ Society, 9 x 5 Exhibition, VAS
Twitter Art Exhibit, Vancouver, Canada