Artist  & Designer Melbourne

Colour    ::    Line    ::   Pattern

These are the things that inspire me.  Pretty general I know, but I find fodder for my art practice from very diverse sources.  Architectural elements, decorative styles such as art nouveau, historical documents and natural history illustration, the natural (especially botanical) world, and often just the sheer pure joy of seeing a colour, and mixing and making new ones.

There is a constant overlapping of art, nature, science, music; I see patterns in all of these.

Nature seems random and chaotic but there is a plan; it just takes a while to find it.  I like to let the materials find their way, to replicate nature.

Follow the accidental line; let it guide you. I paint intuitively, responding to experiences, visual stimuli and feelings.

You can see my current works – paintings & works on paper & works in progress here

You can learn more about me here