Luminous: Australian Watercolours 1900-2000

Hello art lovers!

Let me introduce you to a couple of Australian artists I knew nothing about a fortnight ago. That was when one of my art teachers, Tim Jones, took a group of us along to NGV Fed Square’s Luminous: Australian Watercolours 1900-2000 exhibition.

Australian modernist artist Frank Hinder (1906-1992) was born and studied art in Sydney before going abroad to Chicago, New York and New Mexico during the 1920s and 1930s. Hinder was one of the first to exhibit abstract works in Australia.

Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack trained under Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee at the Bauhaus, Germany’s avant-garde school of architecture and design in the 1920s. Having fled Germany in 1936 for England, Hirschfeld Mack was deported on board the Dunera in 1940 to Australia and interned as an ‘enemy alien’. After his release in 1942, he was appointed art master at Geelong Grammar, a position he held till his retirement in 1956.

I find both their works very dynamic, lots of movement; there’s a rolling gentleness in them. The first two works below, Frank Hinder’s Banksia (1938) and Hirschfeld Mack’s Story of a Shell (1940) have inspired the third image on the right which is my painting in homage, Banksia in gouache.

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