Tales of Mood and Memory #2

I really liked the idea of the brain as representative of or repository for memory, and there seemed a natural link between this and the life journey. The concept of a tree of life seemed relevant given its place in science, religion, philosophy and mythology. The tree of life alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet, and the tree of knowledge connects us to heaven, and the underworld. Brain scans reveal tree-like structures which I see as reaching up to the stars. The spherical nature of the skull provide suspended, circling planetary objects. We’re all really just dangling in space.

The finished artwork is an Ilustrator file at 300dpi, it’s a pretty big file due to the effects on the images. I took some photos of brain MRIs I happened to have in the cupboard!










I also wanted to explore this typographically as the seven movements in Holst’s The Planets each revealed such distinctive personalities (see earlier post).


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