Augmented reality project

Today I’m working on a project for a third year university assignment involving the use of augmented reality. The purpose is to “augment the student experience by enhancing the ‘experiential’ qualities of life on campus”. To do this we are using the app Aurasma and have been experimenting around campus with this.

Our brief is to create a set of images for new students to discover across the university that will help them explore and get excited about campus life.

Being a mature age student, I’m old enough to be the mother of most of them (and in fact some of my children’s primary school friends are here), and I have noticed many similarities between these students and my own kids at home (ages 21, 19 and 17).

One thing people in this age bracket like to do is sleep when I think they should be awake, so I’m thinking of designing a pointer/signage so that kids with the Aurasma app can find somewhere to lay their little heads down for a wee nap.


7 May 2013

Time for an update. I’ve found this assignment really difficult as my Photoshop skills (limited though they are) are very rusty and I’ve been snowed under with other work. Still, my original concept of creating a character that reflected the majority of the student cohort’s desire to sleep in public places has carried on and I’ve managed to create some imagery that reflects this. Nothing fancy here though.

M_Stuart_ACG305_#2 Cat-on-cloud-sign-no-sky

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