8th April 2013
Exterior and interior shots from English Homes magazine. I don’t know whether it is the curviliciousness, the symmetry, materials or the colour palette that gives me most pleasure.

From English Homes magazine










20th March 2013
Art Nouveau tiles. Images sourced from

A delicious selection! I love the symmetry, the curves and colours, the swirly florals and geometric patterns.

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24th March 2013
The only two significant pieces of furniture I have bought all on my own, and for myself. The dressing table was bought when I first left my parent’s home in 1982 and the sideboard was a Christmas gift to myself in 2011.

My beautiful sideboard - a little dusty and broken but a joy to look at!

3rd June 2013
I’m a subscriber to the Robin Boyd Foundation and every year they have a series of open house inspections you can do, not from the point of view of looking to buy, but looking to admire. I’ve been into some Harold Desbrowe Annear homes in Eagelmont and Ivanhoe a few years ago which was a beautiful trip down Arts and Crafts lane. Kent wasn’t so keen on those. Too dark, higgledy piggledy although, like me, he could appreciate the craftsmanship in the timber work and enjoyed the spatial qualities.

This year we are going into some Denton Corker Marshall designed homes in and around Melbourne. This is REALLY EXCITING! We’ve already viewed the Tube House in Carlton which is greatly inspiring us for our next move. We’ll most likely be heading away from suburbia within the next 2-3 years as our youngest child is 18 months away from finishing high school. Hopefully we’ll move closer to the city, if not right in it, and if we play our cards right might be able to afford a little place near a beach.

These DCM homes are a design delight. So streamlined and spacious. The lines and shapes of the houses are so not what you see in a suburban street yet the interiors are welcoming spaces.

The Tube House in Carlton is on a tiny parcel of land, on a dead end dog leg of a lane, backing onto the public swimming pool. It’s a three bedroom home with so much built in storage cleverly disguised. Although I imagine you’d need to be fairly disciplined about what you keep and what you throw away if you live there. This weekend we go to see View Hill House in the Yarra Valley. I can’t wait.

ViewHillHouse_04 ViewHillHouse_01 Carlton Residence Carlton Residence

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